LM Connect Turns 5!

LM Connect Celebrates 5 years!

LM Connect Celebrates 5 years!

LM Connect Celebrates 5 Years of Business!

Guess what?!? LMConnect is celebrating our FIVE year Anniversary!

It’s mind blowing how fast the years have gone.

LMConnect was born when a few special people in my life gave me a nudge (and the confidence) to take the leap and start my own company. It was never the master plan to start my own company, by myself. My favorite part of all of my previous jobs has been the relationships that have been made along the way, work friends quickly turned into roommates, baby shower guests, soccer-mom friends, and workout buddies. 

Many of these friends are also now clients, day to day ride-or-dies, or go-to partners that help make all of our events and marketing plans more fun and meaningful.

After 20+ years of working in KC, I am blessed to say I know a great group of in-the-know-go-to-experts that make any job we are working on better, by partnering with people that are the best at what they do. True influencers before there were influencers.  

Connecting is what makes each and every day so fun and makes our jobs never feel like work- even when 4 am seems like a reasonable hour to be emailing.

We LOVE working with companies that we can partner with, raise money for great causes with, grow together with, and ultimately create amazing work for (...and let’s be serious, can handle all of our crazy). 

So CHEERS to five years, and many many more to come! Thank you to all of our fabulous clients now and in the future, we do this for you!