Creative Coaching here 


Do you want to brainstrom how to make your business better?

Need creative perspective to build your brand?

Experience creative consulting to gain perspective.


Not sure what it is that you are looking for? Feeling stuck in your career or business? If you've tried taking your business to the next level or simply don't know where to start, this session is for you. Sit down with KES for a one-hour session over your caffeinated beverage of choice to ask questions, gain honest insight and learn how to take the next step in the right direction.

Investment: $150


Hungry for more? Let's grab lunch. I've you have more than a year of running your business or working on your big idea, but aren't seeing the growth you hoped for - this session is for you. KES will provide a questionnaire prior to the session to learn about your brand, goals and the top three things you hope to achieve. The session will be focused on providing you with the knowledge, connections and information you need to take big leaps and make progress.

Investment: $250


Sometimes it takes a cocktail. If you are looking for a personable coaching and strategic consulting session on a specific topic with a high level approach, let's chat. KES will provide a questionnaire prior to the session to learn more about you and your business goals. This session is perfect for those that have invested time and energy into their brand for more than a year but are ready for a re-fresh or need insight and tools to further grow the business.

Investment: $350


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